Exploring strategies, processes and perspectives to drive investor relations initiatives for a tight knit stake holder community

2nd Annual Investor Relations Strategy Summit 2019

In recent years, the financial community has witnessed a significant transformation, intense regulatory activism, a more diverse as well as global pool of buy side investment institutions, and an explosion in the quality and variety of print and electronic business media.

This is the complex environment - characterized by stricter regulatory oversight and increased media scrutiny - in which companies must establish and maintain relationships with the investment community. Consequently, achieving market differentiation and maximizing valuation have, more than ever, become major challenging for today's companies. Thus, creating a major need for developing capacities for the Senior management and IRO's to leverage each other's knowledge as a result reflecting a promising picture for the investor community, helping the company achieve a fair evaluation.

The conference shall provide a platform for the Investment Relations professionals from different companies and sectors to come together and learn from each other's experiences - the approaches the Investment Relations Office needs to take to secure a rather firm seat in the company's Board room and thus also help document a set of best practices for leveraging on the strategic aspect of the function.



  • Evolving role of Investors Relation Officer
  • Closing gaps in perceptions of value
  • Expectations from the company management on IR support required
  • Overcoming challenges in putting together an effective IR strategy and executing IR audits
  • Entering the psyche of the Analyst


Head of Investor Relations & Stakeholder relationships, CFO's, Heads of Finance, Treasury & Fund Raising

From the following industries:
  • Medium & large sized corporate organisations
  • Public Limited Corporations
  • Companies looking to raise funds (technology startups etc)
  • Banking & Financial Services companies
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions
  • Proxy Solicitation and Corporate Advisory Firms
  • IR Research firms
  • Corporate Access Platform Providers
  • Management Consulting Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Taxation Consulting Firms


  • Get acquainted with some of the emerging practices in the IR function
  • Get to learn from experiences of Senior IR Practitioners
  • Gain insights from Industry case studies
  • Get an understanding on building your IR departments capabilities to adapt to dynamic shifts in the Corporate environment

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